above the city

Imagine being part of a new, fascinating social circle without equal.

An exuberant community defined only by its depth of character and richness of spirit. An interesting, charming and gracious group of people, with much to share and nothing to prove.

Picture a place inspired by the impossible glamour of Manhattan icon, The Carlyle, and its legendary, magnetic coterie of colourful characters. Somewhere private, high above the city below where you can unwind in peace, indulge in culinary exploration, be stimulated by illuminating arts and culture, dance until the early hours, delight in timeless entertainment, and replenish both the body and soul. Need we go on?

Life is for living. Invest in new experiences in favour of new things. Be a part of brilliant stories you can tell for years to come, instead of being a slave to the day job. Isn’t it time you felt part of something extraordinary?

Don’t wait. You may only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.


Curious? Thought so.



a Member

If you’re considering applying to be a Member, it’s probably worth knowing that we’re less interested in what you have or what you do, and instead, are far more intrigued by your personality, interests, passions and stories. The ones you can disclose in polite company, obviously.

Our Members are people who, above all else, enjoy being around others.

A collective that lives for exhilarating social encounters…

the very fabric of Carlyle & Co.